Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Take on "The Host"

I absolutely loved the parts of this that I read. It was on the back of the Can in the master so I occasionally picked it up and opened it to a random spot and read for anywhere between 2 and 15 minutes.

From what I gather What I gather the body snatcher takes control of the Melanie and then melanie becomes her own conscience and then there is some kind of love triangle that happens with melanie, the body snatcher, and Jared. Even though the body snatcher is in complete denial.

If I was Stephanie Meyer's Husband I would be seriously concerned with how obsessed she is with love triangles...I would also worry that she wasn't really my wife at all!

I could be totally off, but skimming the book this is my take!

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Classic Case of Mistaken Identity!

At Wini's B-Party Howie ran straight over to my Dad who was sitting next to Gus across the room. I am sure that he has seen him once or twice before, but I am also sure that it has been a long time and that by all means My dad should be a stranger.

Then it all made sense when Howie told him what he wanted for Christmas!

Brothers and Sisters have I none, but this man's father is my fathers son. Who is this man?